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1989 Uniloy 35 pound blowmolder!
Great shape! Loaded with options! Low hours!

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Model 35S45-4454
Single 35 pound first in-first out accumulator head
Barber Coleman Maco 8000 microprocessor controls
100 point parison programmer
200HP-DC drive extruder with Lufkin gearbox
4.5" diameter hi-performance mixing screw with 32:1 L:D ratio
1100 pounds-per-hour HDPE plasticizing capacity
Xaloy 800 wear-resistant barrel
90 ton clamp with roll out press section for easy mold changes
44"H x 54"V clear platens (64"H X 54"V overall)
66" maximum to 26" minimum open daylight
40" clamp stroke
6" vertical and 16" horizontal platen adjustment capabilities
8" to 18" head tooling range
Overall dimensions: 31' long x 13' wide x 22' high
Top, bottom, and needle blow capabilities
Core pull circuitry
Bottom blow stand
Automatically operated safety gate and part take-out system
Hydracolor blending and vacuum loading system included
$750,000 replacement value!
Full 55 gallon drum (closed or open head) capabilities
Originally used in a lab, this machine has only 16,000 hours on it!
This machine will not last long!