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1980 Nissei ASB 650
PET Stretch-blow molder ! In stock !

Nissei ASB 650

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( 107K image file)

This Nissei ASB 650 will meet a wide range of molding requirements including 1 and 1.5 liter bottles for water, juice, liquor, vegetable oil, food, and more!!!
Or, optionally purchase an in-stock mold-machine package to annually produce 8 million 2-liter two piece (with base cup) carbonated beverage bottles (Coke & Pepsi approval documentation included). See complete description below.

We can also provide complete turnkey packages including domestic and international shipping, installation, reassembly, start-up, and training !!!


- 1980 Nissei Model ASB 650 PET 1-step injection-blow molding machine. A preform with finished neck is injection molded, then shifts within the machine where the bottle is blown.

- 6 cavity injection preform and bottle blow molds that run in the Nissei. The PET preforms have a 28mm finished neck and weigh 54 grams each. The 2-liter bottles have a rounded bottom design to be used with a base cup. These molds run on a 24 to 26 second cycle.

- 1976 Improved Model 300R50 (or similar) injection molding machine with 300 ton clamp, 28 ounce shot, and solid state controls.

- 4 cavity base cup injection mold that runs in the Improved. Each HDPE base cup weighs 21 grams and the mold runs on a 10 to 11 second cycle.

- Application Engineering PET hopper-dryer, Powers and Emhart leak detector, hot melt base cup applicator, assorted automation conveyors, stacking table.

This complete line as currently supplied automatically produces and assembles a finished 2-liter bottle with base cup. Coke, Pepsi, and many other suppliers of soda, water, and other beverages have used this standard and popular bottle design.