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Battenfeld-Fischer VK1-6DL

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(115K image file)

Annually produce up to 30 Million Liters! 8 Million 4-liter containers! 3 Million 10-Quart Containers! OR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN !!!

Perfect for HDPE or PP bottles containing products such as detergent, anti-freeze, oil, sports drinks, juice, milk, spring water, and MORE !

Produce center or F-style offset necks, with or without handles (these machines have in-machine trimming, orientation, and removal!)

Flexible! Versatile! Dependable! Cost effective! 4 sold - only 1 left - excellent value - $650,000 replacement cost!!!

General Features/Specifications

-S5/35-110 T-PE head: 5 parison, 35 mm maximum die diameter, 110 mm center distance,latest design "Torpedo style" polyethylene head for close tolerance wall thickness distribution.

-120/20 WT extruder 120 mm, 20:1 L/D high performance screw with mixing tip,intensively grooved/water cooled barrel feed zone, 150 HP/DC drive, continuous extrusion, plasticizing capacity of 770 Ibs. per hour HDPE and PP.

-Dual "shuttle type" clamp for 10-up production with currently installed 5 parison head; capability of running a different (similarly sized) product on each side, or running only one side if desired.

-Maco Vl triple channel 49 point parison programmer with CRT and "Instaset".

-20 temperature control zones.

-Fully automated in-machine trimming (top, bottom, and handle), orientation, and removal.

-Latest state-of-the-art proportional hydraulics.

-Detailed specifications and video of machines in operation available.

Standard Production Capabilities

- 30 million bottles per year! Perfect for center neck oil bottle/"squirt" sport bottle/juice bottle/baby bottle/etc. up to quart/1 liter sizes (with currently installed 5 parison head for10-up production).

Optional Production Capabilities

- Offset neck F-style quarts/1 liter, or any type of Handleware (with 4 parison head S4/35-125 T-PE for 8-up production).

- Handleware such as vegetable oil bottles 1 /2 gallon/2 liter ( with 3 parison head S3/60-150 T-PE for 6-up production).

- Offset neck F-style or industrial round gallons/4 liter such as anti-freeze, etc.( with 2 parison head S2/120-250 T-PE for 4-up production).

- Offset neck F-style 2 1/2 gallon/10 liter containers (with 1 parison head S1/120 T-PE for 2-up production).

- PVC and Polycarbonate processing capability.