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Koyo side-mounted robots!

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Robots - injection 




3 available, side-mounted, excellent condition, microprocessor controlled 


(3) side entry Koyo Model SST150 robots including independent microprocessor control panel

Typically used on 150 to 200 ton injection molders

Originally installed on 1990 to 1993 JSW 150 ton Model J150SSII injection molders in ISO 9002 
injection molding facility

All 1990 to 1993 vintage and in immaculate condition, one-owner unites used only in an ISO 9002 operation. 

Servo controlled for very fast cycles and extremely accurate control of all strokes, 
including accessing the mold face, etc. 

Replacement cost of these robots is $25,000 USD each


- These are side-mounted Japanese-made Koyo robots that extend out at a 90 degree angle 
from in between the machine's platens out toward the back of the machine

- the in-out motion of these side-mounted robots is operated by servo motor, operating at 
a 90 degree right angle between the machine's platen motion. The servo traverse stroke is 
27 inches but that can increased an additional 6 inches or so through the use of additional 
air cylinder, but speed will be lost because of the additional separate movement

- the 180 degree rotation arc behind pivot point operated by different servo motor

- an air cylinder operates push-pull to access mold face and has a 7 inch stroke

- the air cylinder operates 90 degree rotation to drop part onto conveyor etc

- these robots use standard Mitsubishi PLC controls


NOTE: The molds and auxiliaries that we have available are typically items 
that have been included in complete plastics molding facilities that 
we have purchased. We don't specialize in them however, and often do 
not have detailed specifications and/or preview photos available for 
these items. We welcome and invite your inspection on all of our equipment.


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
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