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2007 Rotogran 75HP 22x36 heavy duty granulator, complete system !!!

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75 HP 


Model WO-2236-HD, 22x36 inch throat opening, complete system including blower / cyclone / gaylord height surge bin 


- 2nd flywheel, solid steel.
- Soundproof hopper.
- Soundproof solidly welded frame.
- Tangential feed throat.
- One-piece weldment, heavy-duty cutting chamber.
- Scissor cut on rotor and bed knives, totally hardened and precision ground toolsteel (D2).
- Oversized rotor shaft.
- Oversized piloted flanged bearings.
- Micro adjustable bed knives.
- T.E.F.C. motor.
- Motor starter.
- Safety devices to cut power off before opening the chute or screen.
- Vibration pads are provided as part of the base frame
- Easy access to chamber and screen.

Model: 		  WO-2236-HD
Throat Opening:   22 inches x 36 inches
Rotor Knives: 	  9
Bed Knives: 	  4 (2 Rows)
Horsepower: 	  75
Throughput: 	  2000 to 2800 lbs./hr. 

  One (1) Rotogran Blower/Cyclone System Model PH-20-155-5, as follows:

Housing:	   1/4 inch thick steel
Inlet Diameter:    6 inches
Outlet Diameter:   6inches
Impeller:	   1/4 inch thick steel, 15.5 inch diameter, dynamically balanced
Motor:		   5 HP 3600 rpm TEFC.
Starter:	   Magnetic 

Cyclone:           36 inch diameter, 60 inches high, heavy gauge steel.
Inlet:             6 inch diameter
Base:              Surge Bin, on legs, Gaylord Height discharge

Note: 	System comes complete with manifold and filter.


ROTOGRAN granulators are deliberately built oversized for maximum performance and many years of trouble-free operation.

Compare any other granulator with a ROTOGRAN and the difference becomes obvious. Not only from the point of view of fabrication, but also 
because features which other manufacturers consider top-of-the-line, Rotogran considers standard. Rotogran never compromises on quality, and it is their
constant source of pride that Rotogran remains in the forefront of granulator production in North America.

ROTOGRAN granulators are known for their superior design, efficiency, durability, and competitive pricing. A unique feature of our granulator
is quick and easy access to the cutting chamber (for cleaning or blade changing). 

Standard Features of Rotogran Granulators Include:

Cutting Chamber - Heavy duty one-piece weldment, fabricated from A-36 ground steel plate. It is rigid, smooth and easy to clean. 
Tangential feed design assures positive feeding of the material and maximizes throughput and helps prevent jamming. 
Cutting chamber is solidly welded on frame 
Swing-down heavy duty removable screen cradle. 

Rotor - Heavy-duty, SAE-1045 steel. 
Double scissor cutting action on rotor and bed blades assures positive cutting with minimum fines, and lower torque requirements. 
Micro adjustable bed blades are easily accessible from the front of the granulator. 
All ROTOGRAN blades are made from fully-hardened and precision ground D2 tool steel. 
Rotor is offset in chamber for minimum fly-back and positive cutting of large or bulky items. 
Open rotor design allows more air flow through the cutting chamber for cooler operation and increased throughput. 

Rotogran's heavy duty, self-aligning flanged cartridge bearings easily absorb all grinding shock. 

Flywheel - Solid-steel construction minimizes motor and rotor abuse, reduces horsepower requirements, and electrical power costs. 

Base - Base frame is constructed from heavy duty structural sections, solidly welded to cutting chamber for vibration free operation. 
Acoustically-insulated panels, for maximum sound absorption. 

Hopper -  Heavy-gauge steel. double wall construction. 
Hopper is mounted on single point pivots to allow full access to cutting chamber 
Polyurethane cord mounted on hopper's base helps assure complete sealing between hopper and cutting chamber (most machines). 

Evacuation Bin - Venturi style evacuation bin is constructed from heavy gauge steel with provisions for a blower/cyclone system connection. 
All granulated material is confined to the bin. 

Electrical - Across the line motor starter 
Strategically located electromechanical safety devices will automatically shut off power if an attempt is made to gain access to the cutting chamber or screen. 
Also included with this unit is a ROTOGRAN manufactured blower/cyclone systems, designed for continuous and efficient evacuation of granules from the granulator bin. 

The blower impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft, eliminating the need for drive belts. All impellers are precision-machined and dynamically balanced. 
Motor is electrically interconnected to the starters. 


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
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