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3 Lectro-Treat Bottle Surface Treating Machines !

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Surface Treaters 




3 high quality machines available 

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3 Lectro-Treat Bottle Surface Treating Machines

Unit #1:
1999 Lectro-Treat Surface Treatment Machine 
- In-line vertical discharge
- 12 opening
- Condition- Excellent- Very low operating hours

Unit #2:
Lectro-Treat Surface Treatment Machine 
- 12 opening
- Condition- very good- rebuilt in 1997 

Unit #3:
Lectro-Treat Surface Treatment Machine 
- 12 opening
- Condition- Good

Lectro Engineering Company has been providing Three Dimensional Surface Treating Equipment to the Plastics industry
for over 40 years. Today Lectro-Treats can be found surface treating three dimensional parts in major industry worldwide. 
A few examples include: containers/bottles, automotive (interior and exterior), medical, industrial, electronic, recreational, 
housewares, and promotional.

Lectro-treats greatest success has been with such plastics as HDPE, PP, LDPE,  TPO, TPE, etc. With the increased use of water based/borne 
adhesives, paints,  and inks there is a need to surface treat other types of plastiocs, which with  solvent based systems surface treatment
was not necessary. Some of these are: Styrene, ABS, PVC, Engineering Plastics, Acrylics, Polycarbonates etc.

The Lectro-Treat operates on a patented/proprietary capacitive electrode system which creates oxidizing cold plasma inside the 
treating tunnel at atmospheric pressure. Since no vacuum is necessary, parts which pass through the treating tunnel on a continuous 
conveyor receive surface treatment over all outside surfaces without heat.

For oriented plastic parts, Lectro Engineering has the IN LINE LECTRO-TREAT, which are built to a specific part size(s), line speed, 
or application. As in the Bulk Lectro-Treat, the part is conveyed through the treating tunnel. The In Line Lectro-Treat lends itself 
well for automated packaging, paint, adhesion, or printing lines where orientation is required. 

Zero scrap due to heat warping, surface crazing, stress relieving and paneling. Maintains the surface integrity of your plastic parts. 
Thin walling of parts made possible resulting in material saving. 


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
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