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5TI microprocessor controls, Hunkar closed loop process control, immaculate! 

* Husky Model H388RS Injection Molding Machine with Hydraulic Clamp
- 5TI programmable microprocessor controls
- Hunkar closed loop process control
- 17 ounce recriprocating screw injection unit
- excellent condition!

* Clamp Force                          300 U.S. Tons
* Clamp Stroke                         (mm)650 (in)21.65
* Platen Daylight at Max. Stroke       (in)46.6
* Shut height (Minimum to Maximum      (in)10-25
* Distance Between Tiers (HxV)         (in)15.25 x 8.25
* Platen Size (HxV)                    (in)27.5 x 18.5


* Plasticizing Screw Diameter          (in)2.36
* Screw Compression Ratio              3:1
* Screw L/D Ratio                      20:1
* Back Pressure Maximum                5,000psi
* Screw Speed Range RPM                60-197 RPM
* Heaters                              230 Volt - Fahrenheit Temperature Control
* Motor-DC                             40 HP @ 460/3/60
* Shot Capacity-Maximum 5tyr.          (oz)17
* Screw Stroker-Maximum                (in)7.1
* Injection Pressure-Max. @ 2000psi    20,4000psi


* Motor                                40HP

Specifications H388

* Clamp force                          Mp 275,  US Tons 300
* Distance between tiebars             (mm)388x210, (in)15.25 x 8.25 
* Platen Size                          (mm)660x470, (in) 26.0 x 18.5
* Platen deflection                    (mm)0.05, (in)0.002
* Clamp Stroke-Max.                    (mm)560, (in)22.0
* Mold Shut height                     (mm)254-635, (in)10.0-25.0
* Maximum Daylight                     (mm)1195, (in)47.0
* Tiebar Diameter                      (mm)102, (in)4.0
* Mold Unlocking Force                 (Mp)23,6, (US Tons)26.0
* Hydraulic Ejector Force- Max.        (Mp)8,7, (US Tons)9.6
* Hydraulic Ejector Stroke- Max.       (mm)250, (in)9.8
* Clamp Speed                          (mm/sec)1000, (in/min)2400

* Screw Diameter                       (mm)60, (in)2.36
* Screw L/D Ratio                      20:1
* Back pressure-max.                   (kp/cm2)350, (psi)5000
* Screw speed range                    (rpm)60-200
* Motor-standard-size                  (kW)15, (HP)20
* Plasticizing capacity                (kg/hr)90, (lb/hr)200

* Injection capacity-stroke            (mm)180, (in)7.1
* volume                               (cm2)509, (in2)31.1
* weight (polystyrene)                 (gr)482, (oz)17.0
* Injection pressure-max.              (kp/cm2)1435, (psi)20,400
* Total heating load (4 zones)         (kW)18

* Shooting pot diameter                (mm)60, (in)2.36
* Injection capacity-stroke            (mm)180, (in)7.1
* volume                               (cm2)509, (in3)31.1
* weight (polystyrene)                 (gr)482, (oz)17.0
* Injection pressure-max.              (kp/cm2)1985, (psi)28200
* Total heating load (6 zones)         (kW)31

* Pump capacity                        (liter/min)130, (gal/min)35
* System pressure                      (kp/cm2)140, (psi)2000
* Accumulator Capacity                 (liter)76, (gal)20
* Reservoir Capacity                   (liter)530, (gal)140
* Motor                                (kW)30, (HP)40

* Power supply                         (volts)380,460,575
* Hopper Capacity-volume               (liter)60, (in3)3660
* weight                               (kg)34, (lb)75
* Height over hopper-max.              (mm)2620, (in)103
* Length x width                       (mm)7400x2000, (in)295x79
* Net weight                           (kg)11360, (lb)25000
* Total motor load:  min.-max.         (kW)45-60, (HP)60-80

General Features:
* Machine designed around mold and product handling equipment needs.  
Planned for high output with minimum floor space.  High, wide discharge 
chute opening for automation accessories and easy removal of large 
products.  Open base design for quick access to all maintenance points.  
Both front and rear safety gates are roller mounted for easy access to 
mold area.  Standard mold and machine water and air manifolds for simple 
installation and quick mold changes.  Timers, pushbuttons and heat controls 
are located by the stationary platen to speed set-up.  Hunkar Monopanel 
injection process control.  Texas Instruments solid state programmable 
machine sequence control.

* Easy-to-troubleshoot machine sequence controls.  Plug-in 110 volt AC 
relays carrying low amperage logic signals.  Commercial solid state 
relays handle heavy solenoid switching currents.  Timers and heat 
controls are solid state.  Mercury contactors provide simple and 
reliable heater band switching.  Machine wiring runs in ducts for 
neatness.  Hinged panels provide easy access if additional controls 
are needed in the field.  Power and control panels are mounted on the 
machine, simplifying installation and saving floor space.

* All hydraulic valves are manifold-mounted directly on clamp and 
injection units, greatly reducing external piping.  Hydraulic 
accumulators are standard, providing fast clamp and injection speeds 
and high power efficiency.  Cartridge type hydraulic valves combine 
high flow rate in a compact design with precision control of speed and 
pressure.  Hydraulic controls and mold cooling manifold valves are 
located on the front of the machine for operator convenience.

* Self-adjusting mechanical drop bars are standard on both front and 
rear safety gates.  Electric and hydraulic interlocks on both safety 
gates.  Standard low oil level and high oil temperature safety switches.  
Hinged purge guards provide protection from hot plastic.  Built-in chute 
allows easy and safe removal of nozzle purgings.  Conforms to U.S. 
Industrial Safety and Electrical codes.

* Reciprocating screw or two-stage injection units are available on 
most machines.  20:1 L/D Xaloy-lined barrels and hand-surfaced screws 
are standard.  DC extruder drive provides excellent energy efficiency 
with variable screw speeds from 60-200RPM.  Changing pulleys can provide
alternative torque/RPM ranges for special resin applications.


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
in contact with us so that we can keep you informed of our latest

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