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* 760 CD/hour production capacity

Complete line includes:

* 2 Meiki 70 ton injection molding machines (1986) configured for CD 
  manufacturing.  They can be configured for other manufacturing duties.  
  Includes 6 temerature control units in racks ready to pipe and 3 molds 
  for CD's.

* 2 Sailor Robot arms.  They are an integral part of the Meiki CD system, 
  but they can be reconfigured for other duties.  Includes sailor stacking

* Leybold A-130CD metallizer (1986).  Used for depositing an Aluminum 
  coating upon the CD.  Metallizer includes 3 turbo pumps, two vacuum 
  pumps for generating vacuum within the machine, disc handling system 
  for loading and unloading discs from machine, temperature control unit, 
  spare cathode and tons of spare parts.

* DIC Spin-coater (1986).  Provides a lacquer coating to Aluminum deposited
  by metallizer for protection.  Coats 4 discs per cycle.  Also includes 
  20 kg of lacquer and lacquer delivery system.

* AEC/Whitlock Dehumidifying Dryer and Hopper (1986).  Provides hot, dry 
  air for removing moisture from plastic for subsequent injection molding 
  as CD.  Includes 4hp compressor with 13 gallon air tank to provide 
  compressed air for desiccant bed switching.

* Autoload plastic conveyor system.  Uses compressed air to convey plastic
  from hopper to both injection molding machines.  Very low maintenance, 
  simple design.

* Dubuit 4 color screen printer, model 454, 1986.  Includes handling and 
  exhaust systems, 2 fire-proof safety cabinets for UV ink and one cabinet
  full of ink, silkscreen exposure (to transfer label film image to 
  silkscreen), stretching systems (to mount silkscreens on frame for 
  printer), drying rack, oven and sink.

* 125 solid metal spindles with disc lifter accessories.

* Kaser 75hp compressor and 400 gallon tank.  Delivers 370 cfm at 110 psi.
  Low hours, excellent condition.  Also includes spare tank and 
  refrigerator dryer unit.

* Class 100 clean room: 28ft x 65ft, with 36 HEPA filters. Glass frames, 
  glass panels, structural steel, ceiling tiles, 6 blowers used to provide
  airflow for clean room, plemums and ductwork to connect to your own 

* Hydraulic lift table with rolers for fast mold transport and 800lb 
  capacity.  Ideal for mold transport.

* 2  10-ton water chillers.  One in excellent condition, the other not 
  working.  Includes water storage tanks.


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
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