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Model XL300P ^PET complete preform system including 2-stage robot with perimeter guarding, Walton Stout dryer, gaylord loader, etc - MANY MODERN UPGRADES !!! 

Complete Husky Model XL300P ^PET fully automatic preform injection molding system, including:
   - recent hydraulic, electronic, and robotic upgrades
   - 2-stage preform take-away robot, servo-controlled, with full perimeter guarding
   - Walton Stout high capacity 1000 CFM dryer, with extra large drying hopper and vacuum loader
   - Hytrol inline cooling conveyor
   - Industrial Precision elevated gaylord loading conveyor

Expert overseas export packing and shipping available

Combine this in-stock fully automated preform manufacturing line 
with one of our in-stock fully automated two-step ^PET stretch blow molders 
for a fully automated ^PET resin to bottle manufacturing system:
  - see our Cincinnati RHB-W automated stretch blow molding line, reference number 30067
  - see our B&G wide mouth   automated stretch blow molding line, reference number 30068

* Husky Model XL300P injection molder with significant hydraulic, electronic, and robotic upgrades
* perfect for high volume 48 cavity ^PET preform molds
* 330 ton injection molding Machine with hydraulic clamp
* extra large 146 ounce (4160 gram) ^PET shot capacity to efficiently run up to 3 liter preforms
* 2-stage injection unit for high plasticizing capacity
* Husky two-stage preform take away robot 
    - upgraded to electrically driven servo motor
    - including heavy duty 7 feet high full perimeter guarding with sliding gates for accessibility
    - fully automatic operation
* Walton Stout high capacity dryer and material loading system
    - Model WSD 1000 PET resin dryer having 1,000 pounds per hour throughput capacity
    - extra large 3,000 pound drying hopper, 9 feet high x 4 feet diameter
    - vacuum loader
    - Bunting magnet
* Hytrol in-line cooling conveyor, 8 feet long with 36 inch wide belt
* Industrial Precision 45 degree inclined preform take-away conveyor
    - automatically fill gaylord with preforms, 8 feet high x 12 feet long, with 18 inch wide belt 


* upgraded to Siemens S5 microprocessor machine controls with touch screen
* Hour and cycle counter and actual cycle time indicator
* Excess cycle timer.  Shuts down machine electrics if cycle is interrupted
* 16 problem analyzer.  Identifies cause of machine cycle interruption
* 4 step clamp opening and closing velocity profile
* Multi-stroke hydraulic ejector
* Induction hardened tiebars with rolled thread
* 5 step injection velocity profile
* Screw speed tachometer
* Bimetallic lined barrel
* Automatic injection carriage sequence controls for sprue break and stack molds
* Shut-off nozzle - rotary valve
* Cold start screw protection
* Hydraulic accumulator
* Oil level and temperature safety switches
* Self-adjusting dropbar on front gate, with electric and hydraulic interlocks on both safety gates
* Water saver valve
* Automatic central lubrication system
* Convenience power outlet for auxiliary equipment


* Clamp force:                          330 U.S. tons
* Platen size                           40.8 x 40.8 inches
* Distance between Tie bars (HxV)       28.3 x 28.3 inches
* Clamp Stroke - Maximum                25.6 inches
* Minimum/maximum mold heights          9.8 and 29.5 inches
* Maximum open daylight                 55.1 inches
* Hydraulic Ejector Stroke - Maximum    9.8 inches


* Screw Diameter                        3.35 inches ( 85 mm)
* Reciprocating Stroke                  10.2 inches (260 mm)
* Screw L/D Ratio                       20:1
* Screw Speed range                     35-110 RPM
* Extruder drive                        75 HP, with isolation transformer

* Screw Compression Ratio               PET
* Plasticizing capacity                 600  pounds per hour   (270 kilograms per hour)
* Recovery Rate                         2.65 ounces per second (75 grams per second)


* Shooting Pot Diameter                 3.94 inches (100 mm)
* Shooting Pot Stroke                   15.7 inches (400 mm)
* Injection Capacity Volume             191 cubic inches (3130 cubic centimeters)
* Injection Capacity ^PET               146 ounces  (4160 grams)            
* Injection Pressure - Maximum          10,100 psi
* Melt Channel Diameter                 .867 inches
* Nozzle Hole Diameter                  .720 inches
* Nozzle Tip Radius                     .750 inches
* Nozzle Tip Protrusion                 1.50 inches


* Primary Voltage Phase/Cycle           460/3/60
* Hydraulic Pump Motor                  40 HP
* Extruder Motor                        75 HP
* Heaters - Machine                     50 KW
* Heaters - Mold                        81 KW
* Heater Voltage                        230 Volt
* Control Circuit                       24 Volt DC


* 50HP pump motor
* Floor space required 220 square feet


* ^PET package with injection unit sized for ^PET system requiring between 180 and 300 KG
  (400 and 600 lbs) per hour

* 400 mm (15.7 inch) shooting pot, instead of 260 mm (10.2 inch), to provide additional shot capacity

* Extruder is 85 mm (3.35 inch) diameter, 20:1 L/D for ^PET materials

* Recent significant hydraulic and electronic upgrades including Siemens S5 microprocessor machine controls with touch screen

* Upgraded to 2-stage robot package for preform handling, consists of the following:
  - upgraded to electrically driven servo-controlled 2-stage robot attached to the stationary platen
  - Tooling head for 90 degree rotation of pickup plate
  - Vacuum/blow system to assist part removal
  - Outlet to provide signal to cooling conveyor and vacuum/blow system

* Mold temperature control package for 48 cavity PET preform molds, consists of the following:
  - Automatic temperature controllers (4) for manifold heater (9000 watts, 40 amps)
  - Automatic temperature controller (1) for cross manifold and sprue bushing heater (9000 watts, 40 amps)
  - Fast firing percentage controllers (2) for nozzle tips (9000 watts, 40 amps)

* Mold cooling package.  Consists of supply and return manifold mounted at rear of machine
  on the side of the moving and stationary platens. Includes eight (8) circuits per platen 
  and connection to main supply. Also includes mold water shut-off solenoid with selector 
  switch on main panel

* High force ejector.  Provides momentary 30 U.S. tons approximate force to start ejection.  
  Includes hydraulic ejector and ejection cylinders

* Reduced return pressure for ejector cylinders

* Variable time delay in hydraulic ejector forward circuit

* Extruder motor - 56KW (75HP) with sheaves for 35 to 110 RPM screw speed range

* Extruder back pressure control with dual settings

* Automatic temperature controllers for barrel head heater and machine nozzle heater

* Shooting pot and injection piston sensing kit

* Air package including two (2) valve gate solenoid air valves with timer and quick exhaust 
  mounted on stationary platen

* Automatic mold heater control circuit. Automatic 9000 watts 40 amp zone

* Full SPI mold mounting pattern

* Four (4) extra knockhole holes in moving platen for 48 cavity molds


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
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