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Loaded with options! Brand new! Never in production! 


Husky Model LX 750 P85/70E100 820 U.S. Ton Injection Molding Machine
with Hydro-Mechanical Clamp and Reciprocating Screw Injection Unit 
including the following features:



   4-step opening and closing velocity profile.
   Electrical and hydraulic interlocks on front and rear gates.
   Partial PSI mold mounting and ejection pattern.
   Induction hardened tie bars with rolled threads.
   Regenerative circuit during mold closing to reduce oil consumption.
   Automatic central lubrication with electronic monitoring of reservoir.
   Vibration mounts.


   Colmonoy 56 overlayed screw flights.
   Bimetallic lined, sleeved barrel xaloy 101.
   5-step injection velocity and 3-step hold pressure profiles.
   Powered hopper shutoff with water cooled feed throat.
   Mineral insulated heater bands.
   Swivel injection unit.
   Screw suckback before or after injection.
   Vibration mounts.


   Proportional controlled cartridge valves.
   Face-seal hydraulic fittings.
   Viton O-ring seals in manifolds and valves.
   Off Line Filtration to 6 micron at 99.5% efficiency.
   Electronic monitoring of oil filter.
   Oil level and temperature monitoring.


   PLC microprocessor machine controls.
   PC compatible operator interface with 170 Mb hard disk and colour monitor.
   PLC memory backup and recall.
   Print screen feature.
   Troubleshooting software package with pressure monitor and valve status.
   Machine Mold setup handling software package for up to 20 molds. 
   Two screen languages (primary plus English) switchable on line.
   Display units in metric or imperial system with on line switching.
   Ultrasonic position transducers.
   Totally sealed free-standing electronics cabinet with integrated heat exchanges.
   Energy efficient water cooled motor with sound insulated enclosure.


Clamp                          Metric             SAE
Clamp Force                    750 Metric Tons    820 U.S.Tons
Distance Between Tie bars(HxV) 1120mm x 1120mm     44.1inX44.1in
Clamp Stroke-Maximum           1475mm              58.1in
Mold shutheight                550mm-1250mm        21.7in-49.2in
Daylight-Maximum               2725mm             107.3in

Screw Diameter                 100mm               3.9in
Screw L/D Ratio                25:1               25:1
Maximum Screw Speed            150 rpm           150 rpm

Shooting Pot Diameter          70mm               2.8in
Injection Capacity-Shot        1100gm            38 oz
                  -Volume      1155cu.cm         70.5cu.in
                  -Stroke      300mm             11.8in
Injection Pressure-Maximum     2,000 bar     29,008 psi

Primary Voltage/Phase/Cycle    460V/3Ph/60Hz  460V/3Ph/60Hz
Hydraulic pump Motor           187kW          250hp
Heaters-Machine                63kW           63kW
Machine Heater Voltage          460V(N.A.)     460V(N.A.)

Color          Standard Husky beige


Stack Mold Carrier

Provides a machine integrated quick change mold support with a member kinematic linkage 
mechanism to open and close the stack mold. This device requires no disassembly to 
perform mold changes. The linkages can be disengaged to allow the moving platen to be 
fully retracted for installation of molds with long sprue bars. Locking screws are provided 
to hold the linkages in position while they are disengaged. The design also allows for use 
the use of side entry robots.

Machine rear gate /CBW robot enclosure interface. This option provides an electrical/ hydraulic 
interface with the robot enclosure allowing the operation of the machine with the rear gate open 
while the robot is in place. Pre-wired/Plumbed Electrical & hydraulic connections are provided 
on the non operator side of the machine for ease of connection.

Hydraulic Ejector System

Provides 95kN ejection force with 150mm(5.9") maximum stroke. Includes one hydraulic ejector 
cylinder, ejector plate, and proportional control package (proportional cartridge valves and 
necessary software/screens to allow proportional control of ejector speed and pressure.) the 
ejector will actuate at the clamp stroke position setpoint.Setpoints for the forward position, 
forward dwell time, number of strokes and intermediate back position(for multiple strokes) 
control the ejector motion. The ejector speed and hydraulic pressure are controlled through 
percentage setpoints. The slowdown and final speed are also controlled so the ejector does not 
slam. A switch on the operator station allows the ejectors to be in auto,manual mode or off. 
In manual mode the ejectors are moved by toggling the switch between manual and off.

Full SPI Mounting

The full PSI mold mounting pattern is supplied on the moving and stationary platen. Mounting holes 
are M 3/4"-10 UNC x 45 deep. The standard option includes 101.6mm dia x 20mm deep locating holes 
in the moving and stationary platen. Knockout holes 30mm and 52.4mm dia are also supplied in the 
moving platen.

Self-Adjusting Mechanical Safety Drop Bar

Prevents platen motion while the front safety gate is open. Acts as a redundant backup to the CEN 
hydraulic lock out safety system.

Mold Cooling Package 

Consists of supply and return manifold mounted at rear of machine on the side of the moving and 
stationary platens and connection to the main supply. Manifolds have eight (8) circuits with 
3/4" NPT connections on the top and bottom circuits and 1" NPT connections on the six (6) circuits 
in between. The manifolds also have two (2) 2" NPT ports on top ( one for inlet and one for outlet). 
There are two manifolds per platen. Main supply connections are 1-1/4" NPT with a total of four (4) 
connections for stationary platen in & out and moving platen in & out. Mold water shut-off solenoid 
valve and corresponding selector switch on main panel are also included.

Mold Air Ejection Package For stack Molds

Consists of two (2) high capacity air reservoir ( one per platen) mounted on top of the platens. Each 
reservoir has two (2) 3/4" solenoid operated air valves ( and flow controls). In addition the package 
includes four (4) 3-way, two position, air valves (two per platen) mounted on the side of the moving 
and stationary platen. The package also includes an operator interface screen, manual override switches 
(off, auto and manual), and the associated software. Air is turned on by a clamp position setpoint. 
Air will blow for the duration of a timer which starts at the clamp position setpoint. A pulsed air 
function, controlled through timer setpoints, is also available.

High Flow Hydraulic Function

A 300 l/min at a pressure drop of 5 bar (80 gpm at a pressure drop of 72 psi) directional control valve 
and flow control for optional function is supplied. This package includes operator interface screen, 
selector switch, electrical controls and pressure reducer.A three position selector switch with pull, 
set and center functions. Pull and setare used in manual and semi-auto mode while "center" is used in 
the auto mode.Standard SPI core pull sequences are screen selectable at the operator interface. The 
core-set hydraulic pressure and speed are controlled with percentage setpoints. The status of the cose 
set limit switch (on/off) and the control valve(energized/ de-energized) is displayed on the operator interface. 
Please specify the location and function (attach mold sequence chart if available).
Platen: Stationary and Function(s):Ejector

High Flow Injection For Two Stages Injection Units

Consists of larger injection manifold, bypass valve, larger pump motor(not in all cases), additional accumulator 
capacity, hydraulic hardware, and the associated software modifications. Injection rates are increased by 
approximately 50 % over standard.

Barrel Head Filter Specification

Consists of a reusable metal filter mounted in the transfer channel between the end of the extruder and the shooting 
pot. Filtration to handle particle sizes 0.020" and larger.

High capacity Barrel Heats

High watt density heater bands to approximately 6 Watts/cm2 are provided for increased barrel heating performance. 
Setpoint ramping software is provided to prevent heater band over shoot during machine start-up and thereby improve 
heater band life.


Walkway, steps and railing provide plant personnel with improved access to the injection unit and hopper. The LaPierre 
stairway is used for added safety and face forward decent. LaPierre stairway may not be available on all models.

Basic Hot Runner Control Package

Consists of three (9) individually controlled mold heat zones (35 Amp N.A/32 Amp Europe). The package also includes two 
multi-pin connectors ( one for power supply and one for thermocouples,if required). Zones are switches between auto and 
% off.

Nozzle Tip Control Package (32 Zones)

Includes 32 Zones 2 Amps each ( N.A.Europe) for nozzle tip control. Zones area switchable between auto and % off.

Euromap 12 Robot Interface

A 32 pin connector to Euromap 12 standard is supplied for robot interlock and control. The interface uses a 32 pin plug 
and provides for control of the following signals: part eject, machine automatic mode, mold closed, enable mold close, 
mold area free, emergency stop, handling device in use, enable ejector retract.

SPC/SQC Software Package

The SPC/SQC Software package uses statistical methods to ensure consistent part quality. Summary screens show plots of 
X- Bar and R charts, and calculate Cpk valves for 20 process variables and up to 6 manually entered quality variables. 
Alarm configuration screen allows operator to select from a range of actions to be initiated when a variable is out of 
limits. Possible actions include triggering of the alarm light, sending alarm message to screen, signaling product handling 
equipment to separate parts made while the out-of-control condition exists, or stopping the machine. The defect summary screen 
displays the type and frequency of defects identified by the operator. Data for the 20 process and 6 manual variables is 
logged to the hard disk and can be transferred to a 3.5" diskette for analysis using commercially available spreadsheet software. 
There is one amber light supplied, in addition to the standard red light, with this option. 


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
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