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6 machines available, wide platens, LOW PRICE! 

                 JUST PURCHASED!!!

Due to a corporate plant consolidation, we have just purchased 
a complete plastics molding facility that has 19 injection molders,
3 ^PET blow molders, and related accessories. All the machinery and
equipment has been relocated to our 25,000 square foot facility in
Hemmingway, South Carolina.

Most of the machinery is in very good condition, has been maintained
very well, and many of the machines have been rebuilt, remanufactured,
and-or have upgraded controls. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints
and the size of this purchase, we do not have much detailed information
to provide on the individual machines. However, inspection of the machinery
can be arranged at any time. All the machinery and accessories have been
significantly discounted to move them quickly, and are being offered
subject to prior sale.

A summary of all 22 injection and blow molders purchased at this plant
can be seen on this site at: 

Included in this 22 machine purchase are 6 wide platen Cincinnati
injection molders:

* Model 250-48 Cincinnati 
* 6 machines available
* extra wide platens
* perfect for molding ^PET preforms!
* 250 ton
* 48 ounce
* 27x27 inches between tie bars
* 38x38 inch platens


* Clamping Force, tons                                      250
* Clamp Opening Force (and mechanical ejection), tons      10.4
* Clamp Stroke, in.                                          29
* Maximum Daylight, in. (with 2 ejector rods)                42
*                       (with ejector box)                   35
* Maximum Mold Thickness, in. (with 2 ejector rods)          13
*                             (with ejector box)              6
* Platen Size (HxV), in.                                  38x38
* Distance Between Tie Rods (HxV), in.                    27x27
* Tie Rod Diameter, in.                                       4
* Parts Drop Clearance (tie rod to base), in.                22
* Clamp Ram Speeds, in./min.:
    Fast close                                             1800
    Slow Close                                              139
    Slow Open (and mechanical ejection)                     112
    Fast Open                                              1450
    Mold Setting, Close                                       5
    Mold Setting, Open                                      110
* Oil Reservoir Capacity, gal.                              290
* System Hydraulic Pressure, psi                           2000
* Hydraulic Ejection System:
* Ejection Force, tons                               3.1 to 8.3
* Stroke (max.), in.                                        4.5
* Speed, in./min.                                     367 to 30


* Injection Capacity, Max. (G.P. Polystyrene)        48 ounces
  (Theoretical Disp.)                                90 cu. in.
* Injection Pressure (Max.) psi                      20,000
* Injection Rate, cu. in./sec.                       31.1
                  cu. in./min.                       1871
* Injection Screw Stroke, in.                        10.88
* Screw Diameter, in.                                3.25
* Screw L/D Ratio                                    20/1
* Screw Speed (Max, rpm @ 500 psi)                   165
* Torque at Screw, in./lb. @ 2000 psi                36,000
* Hydraulic Pump Capacity 
  (Total Machine gpm @ 100 psi)                      150

* Number of Electric Motors                          1
* Total Rated H.P.                                   80
* Total Heating Wattage, Kw                          24.1
* Number of Heat Control Zones                       4
* Number of Pyrometers                               3
* Number of Powerstats                               1

* Length, in.                                        279
* Length, in. with Injection Unit Retracted          296
* Width,  in.                                        64
* Width,  in. with Expanded Platen Option            67
* Height (to Top of Breather Cap), in.               96
* Shipping Weight (Est.), lbs.                       32,400
* Shipping Weight (Est.), lbs. 
    With Expanded Platen Option                      38,900

* Linear Clamp Position Control
* Bimetallic Barrel
* Solenoid Sequence Light Panel
* Automatic Strain Rod Lubrication
* Swing Away Hopper
* Fully Automatic Cycling
* Full SPI Knockout Pattern
* Low Pressure Mold Protection
* Melt Decompression
* Injection Hi-Lo Limit Switch
* Ball Check Screw Tip
* Clamp Low Pressure Mold Holding
* Purge Shield
* Manifolded Hydraulics
* Hydraulic Ejection

* Cincinnati Milacron plastics injection molding machines combine 
  the features that make them more productive and economical to operate.  
  These machines feature Milacronís Hydradamp base, designed with 
  simplified integral hydraulics for clean operation, low noise levels, 
  and smooth performance.  Here are just a few of the benefits built into
  these machines:
* generous tie rod clearance
* fewer hydraulic lines
* lower hydraulic system pressure
* low energy input - high performance output
* smooth, clean, cool, quiet operation

* Reduced operating pressures mean less stress on pumps, motors, valves, 
  and other hydraulic system components.

* The Hydradamp base design combines generous tie rod spacing with updated
  hydraulics to set new standards for performance.

* The result is an injection molding machine thatís ready for 
  sophisticated molding techniques and efficiency goals.


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
in contact with us so that we can keep you informed of our latest

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