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Just purchased - 6 Bekum 121's - Priced Right !

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Just purchased 6 Bekum 121's - Priced Right ! 

           1983 Bekum Model H-121                                                                   

- Head configuration- Single head
- Currently set up to produce PVC bottles
- Extruder H.P.- missing 50 H.P. motor
- Includes O'Connel part take away system (missing a de tabber drive shaft, and drive sprocket)
- Barber Coleman Maco VI microprocessor controls
- Triple channel 49 point parison programming

           1982 Bekum Model H-121

- Head configuration- Triple head with 100 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce PVC bottles
- Extruder H.P.- 50 H.P. motor
- Includes Flex-I-Boss part take away system
- Upgraded to Barber Coleman Maco 6500 microprocessor controls
- Two programming options are installed and operable on this machine:
    - Dual channel 100 point parison programming (included in the Maco 6500 package)
    - Hunkar 34 point programming

            1981 Bekum Model H-121

- Head configuration- Dual head with 140 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce HDPE bottles
- Extruder H.P.- 50 H.P. motor
- Controls- Hunkar Smart Box 2000 parison programming

            1981 Bekum Model H-121

- Head configuration- Triple head with 100 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce PVC bottles
- Extruder H.P.- 50 H.P. motor
- Includes Flex-I-Boss part take away system (missing (1) up/down cylinder and (1) reach and take cylinder)
- Barber Coleman Maco 8000 microprocessor controls
- Dual channel 100 point parison programming (missing one card)

                1977 Bekum Model H-121

- Head configuration- Dual head with 140 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce PVC bottles
- Extruder H.P.- 50 H.P. motor
- Note- 2 valves are missing from hydraulic tank
- Includes Flex-I-Boss part take away system 
- GE Fanuc microprocessor controls
- Hunkar Smart Box 3000 parison programming

                1973 Bekum Model H-121

- Head configuration- Triple head with 100 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce HDPE bottles
- Extruder H.P.- 50 H.P. motor
- G.E. Fanuc Series 1 microprocessor controls
- Hunkar 34 point parison programmer 

Bekum Model H-121 blow molding machines have a dual-sided shuttle clamp with maximum cavitation and bottle sizes as follows:
   - "2 up" production of up to a maximum 5 liter bottle when a single head is used
   - "4 up" production of up to a maximum 2 liter bottle when a dual parison head with 140 m.m. center to center distances between heads is used
   - "6 up" production with a triple parison head when 85 to 100 m.m. center to center distances between heads is used
   - "8 up" production with a quad parison head when 70 m.m. center to center distances between heads is used
   - "10 up" production with a 5 parison head when 60 m.m. center to center distances between heads is used 
   - "12 up" production with a 6 parison head when 50 m.m. center to center distances between heads is used  


* Bekum continuous extrusion blow molding machines are amongst the most 
  successful designs available, having sold more than 3500 high capacity 
  blow molding machines throughout the world.  This is convincing proof 
  of the confidence placed by leading plastics processors in Bekum 
  equipment.  This confidence is based on the performance and reliability 
  which characterize Bekum blow molding  machines.  Bekum have 
  consistently improved their range of high capacity automatic blow 
  molding machines, whilst maintaining the successful basic design 
  features.  This puts at your disposal blow molding systems that allow 
  you to meet all requirements of a constantly changing market.

* Up to 4 parisons can be fed from up to 5 extruders, and are available 
  with twin clamping stations to enable you to produce profitably at very 
  high output.


* The plastic raw material is fed through a hopper to the extruder where 
  it is plasticized and continuously extruded through a single or multiple
  diehead into one or more parisons.  The parison length depends on the 
  shape and size of the molding being produced.  The parison length is 
  controlled by adjusting the speed of the extruder screw.

* Both mold closing units which hold the molds move alternately along an 
  inclined track under the extrusion head where the mold closes around the
  parison.  The parison is cut off between extrusion head and mold and is 
  securely welded by the bottom of the mold.  The mold then moves down to
  its blowing station where the blow pin (or blow pins in the case of 
  multi-cavity molds) advances into the parison, inflating it to produce 
  there hollow molding and accurately calibrating the neck shape.  The 
  finished moldings drop out (or optionally can be removed by one of 
  various systems for aligned take-off).

* Bekum high capacity blow molding machines consists of two main 
  assemblies forming one complete unit:  the extruder and the automatic 
  blow molding unit with their electrical, electronic, hydraulic and 
  pneumatic control systems.  The blow molding unit forms the front part 
  of the  machine, the two mold closing systems being carried in separate 
  welded steel frames.

* Depending on the size, shape and material of the molding produced, each 
  mold can have one, two, three, or four cavities producing from 2 to 8 
  finished moldings per machine cycle.  The calibrating stations can also 
  be changed over simply and quickly to suit the different mold cavity 


* High production rate by the fast operation of two mold closing systems 
 (high shot repetition rate).

* Versatile production due to optimized design of mold closing systems.

* Complete flash separation and removal.  This eliminates subsequent 
  finishing operations.

* Rapid resetting for different products because of easy access to all 
  essential components.

* Reliability and efficiency owing to hydraulic drive system for mold 
  carriage movement, clamping and calibrating system and special equipment.

* Increased production rate and reduced material cost by using Bekum's 
  infinitely variable electronic parison programming system.

* Positive control of all machine functions is ensured by the well laid 
  out and clearly marked controls and instruments.

* Wide range of technical features offers fully automatic production 
  even of products with a complex geometry.

* Long machine life due to rugged construction, using proven components 
  and high-grade materials.

* Minimum maintenance requirements.

* Variable mold closing delay (inching) as standard equipment.

* World-wide service.

* Coextrusion and Bi-Extrusion possible with additional extruders and 
  special heads.



* Bekum extruders are capable of handling all known thermoplastic 
  materials.  All components of these extruders are easily accessible 
  for inspection and maintenance.

* The extruder barrels are electrically heated by resistance heater bands.
  Precision control units ensure that the correct processing temperature 
  is maintained.

* The machines are supplied with extruder lengths of 20D and 24D as 
  standard.  These are available either as PE screws up to 120mm or PVC 
  screws up to 90mm depending on the properties of materials being 
  processed.  PVC screws include internal cooling of the screw tip area.

* An efficient and closely controlled barrel cooling system ensures that 
  even thermally sensitive materials, such as rigid PVC, can be processed.

* Alternative cooling systems are available: 

* a) direct barrel cooling through a pressed-in coiled copper tube for 
  oil or air cooling.

* b) indirect cooling by fans coupled with the barrel heater bands - 
  this method is preferred for PVC processing with screw diameters of 
  up to 60mm and for PE processing with screw of 80mm and more.


* Single or multiple extrusion heads are available for twin or multiple 
  parison production.  Different types of extrusion heads are available, 
  depending on the rheologic values of the resin, which guarantee optimum 
  parison quality.  The different head sizes lead to best results.


* Mold opening and closing, carriage movements, calibration, automatic 
  parison wall thickness control and a variety of ancillaries are 
  controlled by hydraulic drives.  Due to its high efficiency this type 
  of drive is very economical and extremely dependable.  The high wear 
  resistance of hydraulic drive components minimizes maintenance 
  requirements.   Long service life and little need for spares are added 

* The clamp has a hydraulically operated toggle system which offers high 
  clamping pressure and fast movements at low power consumption.  Quick 
  mold changes are made possible without need for resetting.  As the 
  toggle levers are never fully extended, the clamping pressure cannot 
  increase to uncontrollable levels.

* The complete hydraulic control system- incl. any options - is contained 
  in a tank - in the extruder base.  The tank offers complete safety 
  against oil leakage.  A directional control block houses all oil ducts 
  for controlling the various machine movements.  The corresponding 
  control valves are mounted direct on the directional control block.  
  The connections between hydraulic tank and cylinders are made by high 
  pressure hoses.  A switchable pressure guage checks the various 
  hydraulic pressures.

* A temperature controller on the heat exchanger controls the flow of 
  water and assures a constant operating temperature of the hydraulic oil.

* The accumulator of the hydraulic power pack includes a pressure relief 
  and shutoff valve block.


* In addition to blowing, the following operations are pneumatically 
  controlled:  Parison cutting and optional equipment, such as in-mold 
  cutting or systems for neck and bottom flash trimming.  All pneumatic 
  control valves are neatly arranged on directional control blocks on 
  the frame of the blow molding machine.  The blowing and operating 
  pressures can be preset on pressure control valves and are indicated 
  on pressure guages.


* The electrical equipment is housed in a separate control cabinet.  
  All switches and indicating lamps required to operate the machine 
  are located on a swivel-mounted control panel at the machine.  The 
  control panel contains the electrical equipment for the extruder drive, 
  the heater controls, the programmer, and all controls for the various 
  machine movements.  The blow molding machines can be supplied either 
  with conventional controls, i.e. with relays and contactors, or with 
  all electronic control.


* By adding a parison thickness control it is possible to program the 
  wall thickness of the extruded parison and to determine the distribution
  of material throughout the product.  This improves the quality of the 
  molding whilst at the same time saving material because the material 
  is distributed exactly where it is needed to combine maximum strength 
  with minimum weight.  And a smaller volume of material, in addition to 
  saving costs, also reduces the cooling time and consequently increases 
  productivity.  The parison thickness control operates electrically.

(dual station shuttle clamp)

* 2, 4, 6, 8 cavity molds
* Maximum part dimensions
 (a Bekum 121 can produce bottles up to 5 liters. The actual part 
  dimensions will be determined by the specific part design)
    375mm maximum bottle length
    200mm maximum bottle diameter
* Maximum usable mold area (HxV inches) 13.4 x 18.7
* Clamp force 7.8 tons
* Maximum open daylight 18.9 inches
* dry cycle time:  sec. 1.7
* max. number of cycles per minute: 26
* operating pressure, pneumatic:  bar(psi) 8-10(100-125)
* hydraulic pump motor rating:  11.2kW, 15HP

* smooth barrel, type/ratio:  S831S, 24:1 L/D
* screw diameter:  80mm
* screw speed range:  HDPE 0-86 rpm, PVC 0-46 rpm
* screw power requirement:  38kW, 50HP
* maximum output:  HDPE 127kg/hr (280lb/hr);  PVC 105kg/hr (230lb/hr)

Electrical, air and cooling water consumption data:
* heating capacity extruder:  16.3kW
* connected load of complete unit, max. possible (smooth barrel): 73.5kW
* hydraulic tank cooling, max.:  15300kJ/hr (14500BTU/hr)
* compressed air requirement (intake), max.:  2400NL/min (85scfm)
* NOTE:  Actual air, cooling water and power consumption are approximate 
  and will vary with bottle type(s) and production set-up.  Actual 
  consumption approximately 60% of the maximums listed.  12000BTU/HR.=1ton


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
in contact with us so that we can keep you informed of our latest

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