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Sterling Davis-Standard dual 6 pound accumulator head blow molder !

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Sterling Davis-Standard 




24 inch head centers, 3.5 inch 100HP extruder, one-owner machine 

1989 Sterling Davis-Standard accumulator head blow molder
Dual 6 pound spiral-design accumulator heads for rapid color change and purge-out
Barber Coleman Maco 8000 machine controls
Dual channel 100 point parison programming

* 24 inch head centers
* 3.5 inch diameter, 24:1 L/D, 100 HP extruder
* 550 pounds per hour plasticizing capacity
* 48 inch wide x 36 inch long clear platen
* 50 ton clamp
* Maximum open clamp daylight  44 inches
* Minimum clamp closed daylight  10 inches
* 3.75 inch thick platens
* 5 inch diameter 3-tie-bar design for press accessibility
* Overall dimensions are 18 feet long x 8 feet wide x 14 feet 7 inches high
* 25HP main pump motor

The control panel is a three-door NEMA enclosure with main power disconnect shock mounted on 
the unitized base wired 460 volts/ 3 phase/ 60 hertz.  Barber-Coleman MACO 8000 Microprocessor 
control system with touch screen operator's station for control of the following functions:  Control 
temperature on all zones displayed via operator's station. (up to 96 zones available)  The system 
provides independent zone temperature control and can be independently tuned .  Total machine 
sequential control up to 100 independent timer functions available depending on number of 
sequence modules in system. Solid state cartridges for program and control parameter storage.  
Parison process control with individual weight and die gap settings and graphic display of profile 
setpoints. 12" programmable touch sensitive CRT display. Parison programming controls of up to 
100 points per head.   The exclusive use of individual control modules allows initial system to be 
easily expanded to meet future requirements. Sequence control is accomplished by the use of  an 
IBM or IBM compatible personal computer using industry standard JIC  graphic symbols.

* Depending on our current in-stock inventory positions, single 15 or 20 pound heads may be 
optionally available for this machine.


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