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1997 Krupp Kautex 7-layer co-extrusion blow molder !!!

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Extrusion Screw Diameter

Head Configuration



Krupp Kautex 

KBS Co-ex 7S 



single - 7 layer 

7 layer (6 extruder) co-extrusion blow molder, like new, used only in lab 

        1997 Krupp Kautex Model KBS 2-242/150 Coex 7S Multi Extruder 
                        Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machine   

This machine is in excellent condition and has primarily been used as an R & D machine, 
it has less than 10,000 operating hours on it

$3,750,000 REPLACEMENT VALUE !!!  

- Head configuration- Single head, 7 layer continuous extrusion
- Head model number- CP-600
- Head tooling range- - Head tooling range- 240 to 450 m.m.- with a different adapter, tooling can be as large as 600 m.m.  
- Press arrangement- single sided machine- after parison is captured, clamp and mold moves forward towards operator while another parison is formed  
- Number of extruders- 6 (one extruder feeds 2 layers in 7 layer head) 
- Extruder diameters- 2 @ 120 m.m.- 2 @ 70 m.m.- 2 @ 50 m.m. 
- Extruder H.P.-  120 m.m. has 200 H.P. motors- 70 m.m. has 60 H.P. motors - 50 m.m. has 25 H.P. motors
- Plasticizing capacity-(HDPE)- 120 m.m. has 1012  pounds (459 kilograms) per hour each, 70 m.m. has 132 pounds (60 kilograms) per hour each, 50 m.m. has 106 pounds (48 kilograms) per hour each- total is 2500 pounds (1134 kilograms) per hour 
- Clear platen dimensions- 59" (150 cm) wide- 63" (160 cm) high
- Maximum clamp open daylight- 78.7" (200 cm)
- Minimum clamp closed daylight- 31.5" (80 cm) 
- Clamp force- 169 tons
- Clamp stroke-  47.2" (120 cm)
- Automatic part take out device
- Parison take out device
- Controls- Siemens
- This machine includes the following added features
 1. Octagon System to balance material flow to extruders
 2. Parison Wall Distribution System (PWDS) to better control resin distribution throughout the parison


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