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Shot Capacity (pounds)

Head Configuration



Hartig Davis-Standard 





60 x 120 inch clear platen, dual 6 inch extruders with dual 300HP DC drives 


* Model MCP400, MR4-6060100-60120 
* Single 100 pound accumulator head
* Extra large 60 x 120 inch clear platen
* Automatic part take-out system
* 60 inch max mold width
* 120 inch maximum mold length
* 100 inch maximum clamp open daylight
* 30 inch minimum clamp closed daylight
* 70 inch clamp stroke
* 300 tons clamp pressure
* motorized roll away press section
* dual 6 inch 24:1 extruders
* dual 300HP DC extruder drives
* 28 inch maximum tooling diameter
* 12 pounds per second maximum material drop rate
* Barber Coleman Maco 8000 Microprocessor Controls

Component specifications:

EXTRUDERS - Two 6 inch diameter, 24:1 L/D High Torque Extruder Sections

* Grooved feedthroat section on both extruders for improved plasticizing capabilities

* The feedscrew is Hartig's MC4 barrier screw, designed  for versatility 
in blow molding. It is machined from SAE 4140 steel with the main flights 
hard surfaced with Stellite or equivalent fpr exceptional wear resistance.  
Hartig's MC4 consistently outperforms competitive feedscrews by delivering 
higher outputs at lower melt temperatures. Lower melt temperatures translate 
to faster cycles and high productivity.

* The extruder drive is a highly regulated 300 HP D.C. SCR package with 
a 1150 RPM motor which provides constant torque to the feedscrew.  
Included in the system is an open drip-proof motor, cooling blowers and
intake filters.  All drive controls are conveniently mounted in the main 
blow molder control panel.  The drive operates under 460 volt, 3 phase,
60 cycle current.

* The gear reducer used on the Hartig high torque extruder is a fixed 
ratio design DH-300-911 for compactness and ease of maintenance.  It is 
rated at 393 HP at 70 RPM with a 1.3 service factor for extended life.

* The thrust bearing used to absorb the thrust load generated by the
feedscrew is a high quality Timken T-911 with a B-10 life of 177,800 
hours at 5,000 psi and 100 RPM.

* Our tangential opening feedthroat is a proven design supplied on all 
Hartig extruders.  It is designed to assure positive feeding of virgin 
and virgin/regrind blends and is machined of high strength ductile iron.  
It's construction provides a core for water cooling.

* Attached to the feedthroat is a high flow hopper system engineered 
for bridge-free operation.  Each hopper has an integral shutoff slide gate, 
dump chute for quick material change, and a sight glass for visual level 

* The extruder barrel is fabricated from SAE 4140 steel with a xaloy 
liner matched to the Hartig feedscrew for extended production.  All 
barrels are pressure rated 10,000 PSI. To provide a higher degree of
safety, a safety rupture disk is installed at the discharge end of all Hartig

* Extruder temperature control is provided over the entire length of 
the barrel.  The extruder is divided into four (5) zones of cast 
aluminum heaters with cooling coils. Each zone is supplied with a manual 
needle valve and solenoid valve with closed loop water recirculator for 
automatic cooling. The barrel and heaters are covered with insulated guards.

* Each extruder is capable of running independent of the other.


* The patented Hartig dual overlapping layer parison's accumulator head's 
unique design produces a parison void of a continuous knitline through it's wall.  
This allows the utmost in structural integrity while producing a very uniform wall 
thickness.  As a direct result, finished products can usually be light weighted for a 
significant material savings.

* Hartig's tandem hydraulic system assures a uniformed alignment of the ram 
and tooling forces for long, trouble free operation.  Through the use of 
this system, the inner cylinder strokes the tooling while the annular
outer cylinder strokes the ram.

* Shot size                       100 pounds HDPE
* Drop rate maximum               12 pounds/second
* Ram stroke                      10 inches 
* Tooling cylinder stroke         2 inches
* Tooling diameter (minimum)      12 inches
* Tooling diameter (maximum)      28 inches
* Total heater KW                 160 KW

PRESS - 60 inches wide X 120 inches high clamping section (M.C.P.)

* Hartig's press designs are based on the unique principal of pulling 
the molds closed to achieve full clamp tonnage.  This concept allows 
all custom Hartig presses to bring the mold faces in parallel, as the 
end frames have no load on them.

* The platens are closed in high speed with individual, small bore 
cylinders to minimize oil flow for maximum efficiency.  High pressure 
clamping is accomplished by rotating knuckle clamps which, when engaged, 
pull the molds closed.  These short stroke, large bore cylinders 
generate high tonnage, but with little oil flow.  This method assures 
no deflection of the  end frames and no axial stressing of the tie bars. 

* Further, Hartig's MCP has platens which ride on ways.  This takes the 
dead platen and mold weight off the tie rods to further assure no 
deflection takes place to disturb parallelism.

* To bring the platens together on center repeatedly, dual chain 
synchronization is applied.  Mounted out of the press working area, the 
adjustable chain systems are located on the front and back of the 
platens so that forces are distributed equally.  Easy adjustment can 
be made for off center close or adjustment.

* Also, standard on all presses is a safety system of electrical and 
hydraulic interlocks as well as whiskers to sense if an operator is in 
the press area.  Emergency stops are located at five points around the 
machine and the entire press area is enclosed by expanded metal.  This
assures that all pinch points are guarded for safe operation.

Additional press specifications:
* Clamp tonnage:                        300 tons
* Maximum platen opening                100 inches
* Minimum platen opening                30 inches
* Motorized vertical height adjustment  +/- 5 inches
* Side to side adjustment               +/- 1.5 inches
* Motorized press shut height adjustment
* Automatic press gate opening and closing
* Press on wheels on track
* Roll out track to be split for removal
* Press rolls out to the right
* 3 tie rod press design


* The control panel is a three-door NEMA enclosure with main power 
disconnect shock mounted on the unitized base wired 460 volts/ 3 phase/ 
60 hertz.  The following components are included:

* Barber-Coleman MACO 8000 Microprocessor control system with Lumitech
display panel for control of the following functions:

     Control temperature on all zones displayed via operator's station.  
     The system provides independent zone temperature control and can be 
     independently tuned. 

     Total machine sequential control up to 100 independent timer 
     functions available depending on number of sequence modules in system.

     Solid state cartridges for program and control parameter storage.

     Parison process control with individual weight and die gap settings 
     and graphic display of profile setpoints.

  The exclusive use of individual control modules allows initial 
  system to be easily expanded to meet future requirements. 

  Sequence control is accomplished by the use of an IBM or IBM compatible
  personal computer using industry standard JIC graphic symbols.

* D.C. drive controls
     Amp meter
     Variable speed control

* Motor starters for all hydraulic AC motors

* Mercury contactors on heat zones

* Fuse block and fuses

* Control transformer

* A portable machine operator's station is included


* The Hartig hydraulic power system was designed and developed to work 
efficiently to operate the press, accumulator head(s) and auxiliary 

* The power unit is a bladder accumulator based system which is charged by 
a pressure compensated pump. A gear pump is piggybacked to the main pump 
with oil.  The filter has a bypass alarm and the tank is equipped with low level 
and high temperature alarms. Additionally, a shell and tube heat exchanger is 
outfitted with a cooling valve that is controlled through the Maco 8000.

* Valving is cartridge type for the highest oil flow and fastest 
response of any valve design available today.  Due to the cartridge 
valve's design, the wear characteristics are far superior to that of 
spool valves.  All valves are manifold mounted and utilize electrical 
connectors with integral LED's and surge suppressors.

* Press and ram speed are independently proportionally variable through 
the MACO 8000 for tight process control and shock-free performance.

* The power unit is floor mounted with integral drip pan, sight level 
gauge, pressure gauges, and for ease of maintenance, all port and valve 
designations are stamped on the manifold.

* AC horsepower               75
* Main pump GPM               47
* Accumulator size            60 gallons
* Reservoir capacity          300 gallons
* System filtration           5 micron


* Includes required regulators, filter and valving for air blow and pre-blow.


* Main base is a unitized construction and serves as a mounting 
platform for extruder and accumulator head.  An access catwalk are 
provided for maintenance and set-up of extruder and accumulator head.


* Auto lubrication, press bushings
* 8 station auxiliary hydraulic manifold
* 4 station auxiliary pneumatic manifold
* Four 8 station mold cooling water manifolds, 16 zones in, 16 zones out
* Prepinch assembly
* Retractable top blow pin assembly
* High and low blow to be included in sequence
* Regular blow and pre-blow
* Florescent lights in press area and over hydraulics
* Air conditioner in control panel
* Dual probe melt pressure controller for each extruder
* Noise level at operator station did not exceed 80 DB at time of original 
   machine shipment
* Isolation transformers on each extruder


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
in contact with us so that we can keep you informed of our latest

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