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JUST PURCHASED! IMPCO (Graham Engineering) B20-R35!

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Impco (Graham Engineering) 





just purchased! nice machine, wide materials capabilities including polycarbonate, etc 


* Easy machine to operate and maintain
* Tremendous flexibilty, including wide range of materials that can be 
* Polycarbonate capability too!
* Perfect for small industrial parts and/or containers up to 5 liters
* Dual head installed
* Optional single to quad(4) heads available
* 16 ounce shot
* 20 inch wide clear platen
* 190 lb/hr plasticizing capacity
* Moog 25 point parison programmer
* Allen Bradley SLC100 microprocessor controls
* Barber Coleman 580 temperature controls
* 9 temperature control zones for accurate control of all processing parameters


FEATURES  of Impco (Graham Engineering) Blow Molding Machines Model B20

* Reciprocating Screw Series

* Direct Hydraulic Screw Drive

* Single or Double Die Head Operation

* Cantilevered Clamp for Free Access Under Platens

* Simple and Versatile!

* Compact and fully automatic, a B20 Impco blow molder is the result
of years of experience in the manufacture and design of plastics blow
molding machinery.  It has been designed for simple operation and set-up
specifically for use in short run and frequent mold change operations -
but it's as rugged as it is simple - so itís equally capable of long 
production runs as well.

* A host of pre-engineered options makes the B20 as versatile as you 
  want it to be.  
  - single, dual, or triple die heads are available to match your
    productivity needs
  - programmable solid state logic controls for reliability and ease 
    of trouble shooting
  - electronic parison programming for greater weight savings and 
    improved wall     distribution
  - finished neck operation to reduce down stream trimming operations 
    and cost.

* Air operated stripper mechanism

* Adjustable screw back pressure

* Adjustable parison drop rate

* Solid state temperature controllers

* Stainless steel hopper with slide


* Plasticizing Unit        reciprocating screw
* Injection Capacity       16 oz, 454 grams
* Plasticizing Capacity    190 lbs/hr., 86 kg./hr
* Screw Diameter           2 in, 50.8 mm
* Screw L/D Ratio          23:1
* Parison Drop Rate Max    7.9 oz/sec., 223 gr./sec
* Max. Parison Tool Dia    4 in, 101.6 mm (single head)
* Feed Hopper Capacity     110 lbs, 50 kg.
* Clamping Unit            Hydraulic
* Clamp Force              4 tons
* Clamp Speed              16 cycles/min (Dry Operation)
* Clamp Stroke Max         9 7/8 in, 250.8 mm
* Clamp Open Daylight      20 in., 508 mm (maximum)
* Clamp Closed Daylight    10 1/8in, 257 mm (minimum)
* Maximum Mold Length      21 in, 533 mm
* Maximum Mold Width       20 in, 394 mm.
* Clamp Height Adjustment  6 1/4 in, 159 mm (vertical) 
* Air Operated Stripper    8 3/4 in, 222 mm (stroke)
* Electric Motors          1
* Total Rated HP           30
* Total Heating Wattage    13 kW
* Full Load Amps at 230V   123
* Full Load Amps at 460V   67
* Heat Control Zones       9 (standard is 4)
* Number of Pyrometers     9 (standard is 3)
* Pump Capacity            22 gr/min, 83 liters/min
* Oil Reservoir Capacity   32 gal , 121 L
* Hydraulic Pressure Max   2000 psi, 141 kg/cm
* Water Comsumption        Approx 3.5 gpm
* Lubrication              Manual Grease System
* Electrical and Hydraulic Safeties on Operatorís Gate
* Guards Mechanically Interlocked with Front Gate


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
We are one of the largest stocking dealers of plastics molding
machinery in the United States, and have been selling plastics
machinery worldwide for over 35 years. Our inventory is constantly
changing, and we are often liquidating complete plants. Please keep
in contact with us so that we can keep you informed of our latest

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