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Extrusion Screw Diameter

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Battenfeld Fischer 




triple 115mm 

Priced Right !!! two machines available 



1984 Battenfeld Fischer Model 106-1 Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machines
Two machines available

- Head configuration- Triple head with 115 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce HDPE bottles
- Press arrangement- dual sided machine 
- Includes a Sumitomo clamp transport drive system installed approximately 3 years ago
- Extruder diameter 80 m.m.
- Extruder drive L:D ratio- 24:1
- Extruder H.P.- missing 60 H.P. motor
- This machine is also missing (8) heat contollers and a parison programming control card
- Includes O'Connel part take away system (de-tabber missing)
- G.E. Fanuc Series 1 microprocessor controls
- Hunkar Smart Box 3000 parison programming

                1983 Battenfeld Fischer Model 106-1 Continuous Extrusion                                
                                          Blow Molding Machines

- Head configuration- Triple head with 115 m.m. center to center distances between heads
- Currently set up to produce HDPE bottles
- Press arrangement- dual sided machine 
- Includes a Sumitomo clamp open/close drive system installed approximately 3 years ago
- Extruder diameter 80 m.m.
- Extruder drive L:D ratio- 24:1
- Extruder H.P.- missing 60 H.P. motor
- Includes Flex-I-Boss part take away system (de-tabber missing)
- Barber Coleman Maco VI microprocessor controls
- Triple channel 49 point parison programming



* Machine type:  FHB 106-1, 80/24 D
* Extruder:
* screw diameter/length:  80mm diameter, 24:1 L/D
* screw speed rpm:  range 1: 10-45(10-45), range 2:  20-92(15-67)
* gear: 44kW
* DC drive motor:  PE/PVC 35(44)kW
* plasticizing capacity:  PE 30-150kg/h, PVC 40-90kg/h
* heating  capacity:  PE/PVC 22.5/22.5kW
* heating zones:  3

Various Head Capabilities:
* die diameter/single head: PE 90,120,160mm; PVC 50,90,120mm
* die diameter/double head: PE 35,50,80mm: PVC 35,50mm
* die diameter/triple head: PE 35mm
* center to center distance: double 125,150,180mm:  triple 110mm
* heating capacity: PE single max./min. 5.0/3.0kW:  
  PE double max./min. 5.5/7.0kW
* heating capacity: PVC single max./min, 1.5/4.1kW:  
  PVC double max./min. 5.1/8.0kW

* max. container size:  8000cm3
* operation...electro-mechanical.
* mold closing pressure:  10t
* mold transport/closure:  2x5/2x1.45kW
* dry cycling time per system:  3.0sec.
* Mold dimensions:  width 360mm, depth 2x130mm, length 450/510mm
* distance between opened mold platens:  480mm
* mold opening:  way 220mm
* 20 x 14.1 inch clear platens
* 18.9 inch maximum open daylight

Electrical data:
* average power consumption:  52/58kWh
* connected value max.:  78/87kW
* Air and water consumption:
* air requirement:  1600 l/min.
* air pressure...7-8bar
* cooling water requirement:  1.2 m3/h
* Overall dimensions: length max.  4500mm; width max. 3500mm; 
  height max. 3200mm
* Packing data: net weight approx. 9000kg; 
  gross weight approx. 9900kg


Features of the FHB series:

* Battenfeld Fischer been supplying high capacity blow molding machines 
  for the production of bottles and wide-neck vessles, containers, drums, 
  technical moldings and toys in PVC, PE and any other suitable 
  thermoplastic materials for over 25 years. 

* Electro-mechanical clamp - optimum quietness in operation.
* Fast cycling.
* Effective support of the mold clamping systems in the precise end 
* Excellent calibration capacity - perfect neck calibration - and 
  flash-free sealing surfaces of the blow-molded articles.
* Optionally available scrap removal systems incorporating perfect 
  scrap separation.
* Powerful extruders of open construction and interchangeability.
* Generously dimensioned extruder gear box with 2 speed ranges.
* Extruder drive by DC motors with infinitely variable regulation.
* Cylinder barrel heating and cooling equipment, automatic in operation 
  for PVC processing.
* Possibility of screw displacement (of great advantage when processing 
* Great reliability in production, minimum spares requirements, little 

Construction and mode of operation of the FHB machines:

* The parison continuously produced by a sturdy extruder, exits at the 
  extrusion head.  There it is taken up by a suspended, swinging clamping 
  system which closes the open mold around the parison, which is severed 
  by a cutting device.
* The clamping system swings in a 1/8th arc to one side of the tak-up 
  position to the blowing and calibrating one.  The blow molder is 
  equipped with one or two clamping systems which swing to the center 
  alternately to receive the parison.
* The requirements made of this design, e.g. optimum quiet in operation, 
  high-working speed and precise clamping in the blowing position have 
  been excellently resolved with the design of Battenfeld Fischer blow 
* Suspended from a robust pivot support and guided in large dimensioned, 
  maintenance-free bearings of tight tolerances, the  mold closing system 
  swings to and from between the two
  end positions, driven by a geared brake motor via crank and driving rod,
  and is cushioned in it's end positions by a built-in pack of dished 
  spring washers.  The upper end position for parison take-off is 
  determined by the dead centers of crank and driving rod.
* During the downward movement the mold closing system moves precisely 
  into it's end position against a fixed, cushioned stop.  It is supported
  from below by rollers to counteract the high pressure of the entering 
  blowing mandrels.  A mold so perfectly fixed guarantees precise neck 
  calibration with even and flash-free sealing surfaces at the openings 
  of the moldings.
* Each mold clamping system can be fitted with single or double impression
  molds, depending on the sizes of the mold fixing platen and the required
  dimensions of the moldings.  Some can even take three or four impression
  molds, enabling 8-fold production on a twin station blow molding machine
  In accordance with the molds, single or multi extrusion heads and 
  calibrating stations with the corresponding number of blowing pins will 
  be employed.

Blowing and calibrating station:

* The heart of the blowing and calibrating methos is the calibration 
  after mold closing.  The pneuatically and with great force operated 
  blowing mandrels ensure the perfect calibraton of even extremely large 
  and thick-walled wide necks.  The in-moving speed of the blowing 
  mandrels is infinitely variably adjustable.
* The calibrating devices are mounted above the molds and are adjustable 
  in the horizontal and the vertical plane as standard.
* Blowing stations are equipped with a device either for turning the 
  blowing mandrels or just the toothed bushes.


* The extruders are of an open construction allowing free access to all 
  component units. 
* Drive:  infinitely variable by DC motor coupled to a helical reduction 
  gear box.
* Screw and screw cylinder are manufactured in wear resistant nitralloy 
* For PVC processing the extruders are equipped with artomatically 
  operating barrel cooling suitable for oil or water as transfer medium.


* Single and multiple heads are employed to produce the hose-like 
  pre-moldings, constructively matched to the criteria of the various 
  raw materials.
* Parison control.


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      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
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