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1997 Cincinnati dual 35 pound blow molder - $1.4 million replacement cost !!!

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dual 300HP extruders, 340 ton clamp, 82 x 72 inch clear platens, part take-out 

1997 Cincinnati Milacron dual 35 pound accumulator head blow molding machine !!!
     this machine will not last long !!!

* Eclipse Model T3000W-D150S-D35 - $1.4 million replacement cost !!!
* dual 35 pound heads, each head has a 35 pound shot capacity
* 40 inch head centers
* dual 300HP 150mm (5.9 inch) extruders
* an individual extruder feeds each head for high plasticizing and production output
* 340 ton clamp
* 82.6 x 72 inch long clear platens

- Two-tiebar hydraulic clamping system
- 340 tons
- 82.6 inch wide x 72inch long clear platen area
- 15.7 inch Minimum daylight opening
- 74.8 inch maximum daylight opening
- Mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic clamp interlock safeties, including a mechanical self adjusting, ratchet type, die safety jam bar.
- Four operator settable open and close speeds (range 0-20 inches per second
- Automatic lubrication, air operated, high pressure.
- Time based protective device to stop the machine cycle if the mold is not completely closed during automatic operation.
- Four (4) mold cooling water manifolds, for eight zone mold cooling per platen. Each manifold includes eight (8) 1/2" NPT inlets and eight (8) 1/2" NPT outlets, equipped with 1/2" NPT shut-off valves. Manifold connection ports are 1 1/4" NPT.
- Automatic side part removal, with side shift. Lighted clamp area and hydraulic area.
- Two (2) bottom blow cylinders, 14 inch stroke.

- Dual extruders 150 mm, 25:1 L/D ratio, 300 HP smooth feed extruders. Rated maximum extruder throughput up to 1400 Ibs/hr (HPE .96 density, .3 melt index) per extruder. Production output will depend on final part design and material selection.
- Reliance 300 HP AC motor and drive. Barr ET extrusion screws. Water cooled barrels.
- Cold start protection.
- Bimetallic barrel with hardened screw. Machine mounted hopper.
- Tri-axial adjustment of the extruder/accumulator head platform. Drawer hopper magnet.
- Stairway to upper platform.
- Isolation transformers for extruder drives.

- Dual 35C first-in, first-out design Cyclone Accumulator head. Maximum shot capacity of 35 pounds (.96 density HOPE) per head. 
- Accumulator head center distance 40 inches
- 18 inch maximum die diameter
- Independent head programming.
- Head/Extruder vertical adjustment 0-22.8" Retractable blow sticks.
- Two (2) sets of extrusion tooling designed and machined to part requirements. A set of extrusion tooling includes one (1) die ring and one (1) die pin.

- Cincinnati Milacron Camac 486 microprocessor blow molding control system
- Passive color monitor
- 100 point parison profile.
- Split screen feature for monitoring up to four pages concurrently.
- Independent head control (dual head machines).
- Closed loop feed back control of accumulator head fill and pushout. Five point variable pushout speed.
- Internal storage for 40 mold setups.
- Process and production monitoring, with alarms.
- Oil over temperature alarm
Feed throat over-temperature alarm. Barrel high/low temperature alarm.
- Accumulator high/low temperature alarm.
- Alarms logged with time/date.
- Clogged filter (hydraulic) alarm.
- Air conditioner for main control panel, thermostatically controlled.
- Melt pressure indicator. Melt pressure transducer located in adapter between extruder and accumulator head.
- Melt temperature indicator. Thermocouple located in adapter between extruder and accumulator head.
- Statistical Process Control (SPC). 
- Electrical interface for robot.

- Die pin controlled by closed-loop system
- 100 point profile adjustment.
- Straight line or curve fit interpolation of points. Independent weight and range settings.
- Converge/diverge set capability.
- Bar graph display of program points.
- Plot feed back of actual profile.
- Digital readout of actual die pin position. Programmable manual purge position.

- 60 HP A.C. motor, to drive pump system.
- Pressure compensated variable displacement pumping system for clamp, purge and parison programming functions.
- 200 gallon capacity oil reservoir with strainer and filters. Water cooled heat exchanger with pressure bypass.
- Water saver valve for automatic regulation of water usage for machine hydraulic system cooling. 
- Eight (8) hydraulic core circuits and valves.
- Separate electrical lockout for hydraulics.
- Two (2) independent prepinch circuits and valves.

- Water trap - air filter - air oiler and pressure regulator located on the back of machine for easy adjustment, access and maintenance.
- Total twenty two (22) air circuits.
- Two {2} Blow air circuits each equipped with pressure regulators. 
- Two (2) preblow air circuits each equipped with pressure regulators.
- Two (2) pneumatic part eject circuits. (Numatic valves)
- Eight (8) independent needle blow circuits and valves, each circuit includes one (1) dry air circuit for part blow and one lubricated air circuit for needle extend and retract. Cylinders and needles to be supplied and installed in the mold (Numatic valves)

- Safety gates with electric and hydraulic interlocks. Interlocks will dump pressure oil within the hydraulic system. Machine will not operate unless all gates are closed.
- Powered safety gate on operator side only.
- Light curtain and manual gate on rear side of machine for robot.


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