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1995 Graham Engineering dual 10 pound accumulator head blow molder

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30 inch head spacing, 3.5 inch 125 HP extruder, part take-out, roll-out press, Maco 6500 controls 

* 1995 Graham Engineering dual 10 pound accumulator head blow molding machine
* 30 inch head spacing
* Automatic part take out
* Roll-out press for easy mold changes and access
* Barber Coleman Maco 6500 microprocessor machine controls
* Dual station 100 point parison programming

* We have 15 sets of tooling in stock that are optionally available 
for these 10 pound Graham accumulator heads

Specifications and Features:


• Dual head - 30 inch centers
• Shot size - 10 pounds per head (HDPE .2 melt index)
• Plastic flow is first in, first out• Speed control on parison push out
• Parison programming microprocessor controlled
• Includes linear position pot, LVDT transducer and servo solenoid valves for each head
   - each head has total independent control
• Two (2) shoot cylinders per head
• Shoot cylinders manual/hydraulic retract for clean out of internal head parts
• One (1) program cylinder
• Two (2) bleed out ports for weepage
• Plunger with one (1) heat zone
• Head body with extruded aluminum calrod heaters
• Bushing die tooling with one (1) heat zone
• Head tooling range 2 inches to 12 inches
• Air flow straight through entire head
• With the plunger purged (down), there is minimum plastic inventory in the head 
  from the face of the plunger to the bottom to tooling
• Head body includes four (4) adjusting bolts for adjusting parison
• Includes mechanical zero adjustment mechanism for head tooling


* 3.5 inch, 125 HP, 24:1 L/D extruder
• High efficiency feedscrew for HDPE
• Wear resistant bimetallic barrel
• Rupture disc and pressure transducer
• Feed throat is grooved and water cooled
• Front barrel support for thermal expansion
• Air cooled cast aluminum heaters with air blowers
• Heavy duty gear box with built in thrust bearing (rated at 10,000 psi) with mechanical rating of 400 HP 
  at 100 RPM rpm feedscrew speed
• System designed for continuous extrusion with safety shut down overfill feature
• System rated at 725 pounds per hour HDPE (.2 melt index)
* 125 HP AC drive motor


- Graham Engineering's innovative head design allows for fast internal cleaning without major tools 
  or special devices, (disassembly/reassembly)
- Substantial head support arms keep them in proper precise position and on centerline
  - Support arms are designed to allow for thermal expansion/contraction

• Clear platen dimensions - 60 inches wide x 40 inches high
• Daylite maximum open - 56 inches
• Daylite minimum close - 10 inches
• Clamp lock-up tonnage - 95 tons at 2500 psi
• Motorized vertical platen centerline adjustment ±2 inches
• Motorized roll out for mold changeover and adjustment
• ± 3 inches left to right horizontal manual adjustment
• Open/close platen speed is programmed up to 1200 inches per minute
• Platen hole layout of 5 inches x 5 inches grouped pattern with drilled and tapped holes
• Platen parallel movement achieved by a gear and rack mechanism• Automatic gates on press operator side
  with electrical and hydraulic safeties 
• Rear safety gate with manual door with electrical and hydraulic safeties


- Tonnage occurs with high-pressure cylinders, which work off a regenerative hydraulic system for fast close
- Lock up tonnage is immediate due to positive pressure on all closing cylinders
    - this eliminates vacuum on one platen, which results in dwell time of lock up pressure
    - there is no shock in this system
-  The platens are designed to stop on centerline with no side shifting movement on lock up and decompress


• 60 gallon JIC style reservoir mounted on a pedestal
• 30 HP electric motor, 230/460 volts
• Tandem radial piston pump arrangement
• Re-circulation (kidney) loop consisting of the following:
     - 2.5 HP electric motor, 230/460 volts  
     - 6 gpm gear pump
• Hydraulic power unit is mounted inside machine base to allow for ease of maintenance and service


• Proportional control hydraulic valves with On-Board-Electronics (OBE) are provided for flow control as well as 
  pressure control (decompress and tonnage) on the clamp
• A full flow blocking safety cartridge valve with electric position monitoring is provided
• Two auxiliary valve stations are provided for hydraulic functions


• A zero lap servo solenoid control valve with OBE is provided for parison programming of each head
• A zero lap servo solenoid and flow control valve with OBE is provided for parison shoot and fill of each head


* During filling of the heads, oil flows out of the head end of the shot cylinders as the rod retracts back into
  the cylinder bodies
    - the MACO 6500 controller and the fill hydraulic proportional valves provide closed loop position fill control
    - Under this control mode, the exhaust oil flow rate is automatically regulated, by the program, through the 
      proportional valve settings
    - This method allows for balancing the dual heads well within 1% difference from head to head
• A pressure transducer is used to monitor shot or fill pressure on the shooting/fill cylinders


-  All valve manifolds are supplied with pressure gauge fittings
-  All valve manifolds are mounted in serviceable locations with clear identification tags for all valves


• Prewired
• Flow/pressure controls and gauges included
• System with automatic air pump safety circuit
• Actual air valves to be determined at time of order
• Plug and play electrical hook up• Main blow 1.25 inch valve
• All others 1.375 inch valves

* Maco 6500
* Touch-Trol operator station
     Remote and accessible with swing-away feature
     Set-up operation control buttons and switches
     Ammeter, tachometer, and speed control for DC drive
     Pressure indicator
* System/ Insta-set module
* Sequence module
* Five heat/cool module - six zones
* Temperature heat only modules - three 4-zones
* Linear positioning
* Multi-parameter process control speed for parison drop
* Pressure flow module
* Cabinet is provided with space for a maximum of 15 modules

* Three door construction
* Motor starter for main hydraulic AC motor
* Ammeters on each heater zone for heater burn-out detection
* Mercury contactors with circuit breakers on heater zones
* Isolation transformer for microprocessor
* Main disconnect switch
* DC drive controls
* Panel climate control devise
* Voltage regulator

- Maco 6500 is designed to operate from a 102-132 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase power source.  
Each module contains its own power supply which provides all operating voltages for the module 
circuitry.  Control equipment should not be connected to power sources subject to extreme voltage 
fluctuations caused by switching heavy loads. A voltage step-down isolation or voltage regulation 
transformer installed in the control cabinet is supplied.


• Main cabinet
• Voltage 460 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle
• Fan cooled
• Heater zones with solid state contactors and circuit breakers
• Over temperature trip
• All control voltage is 24 VDC  
* All control wire is shielded from high power wires to minimize noise interference


NOTE: Although machinery descriptions are believed to be accurate and 
      are from sources deemed reliable, they are not guaranteed and we 
      invite your inspection prior to purchase.
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