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ONE (1) 1984 HARTIG-DAVIS STANDARD MODEL MR4-3533-4256 SINGLE PRESS BLOW MOLDING SYSTEM, consisting of the following:


A. 3-1/2" 24:1 L/D Hartig High Torque Extruder, driven by a G.E. D.C. drive motor.

B. Hartig's advance design high performance barrier type MC4 feedscrew machined from SAE 4140 steel with stellite hardened flight lands and cored for heating/ cooling with Sterlco heating/cooling unit. A rotary union is included.

C. Reducer (Lufkin D-104 change gear type) has a rating of 133 HP @ RPM with a 1.25 service factor.

D. Thrust bearing is a Timken T-611 with a B-10 life of 242,400 hours at 5,000 PSI and 100 RPM.

E. Tangential opening feed throat machined from high strength ductile iron, cored for water cooling and includes a hardened liner.

F. The barrel is fabricated from SAE 4140 steel with bimetallic liner and has a pressure rating of 10,000 PSI. A safety rupture disc is supplied at the discharge end. The barrel is divided into four (4) zones of ceramic heaters for heating and individual high air volume blowers for cooling. The barrel and heaters are covered with insulated guards.

G. Feed hopper with slide gate, dump chute and sight glass on two sides. A hopper magnet (drawer type), dump chute below magnet, and Whitlock material loader are included.

H. Extruder drive is a G.E. 100 HP, D.C., SCR, 1750 RPM constant torque system. It includes an open-proof motor, cooling blowers and filter. All drive controls are mounted in the main extruder control panel. 460 Volts/ 3 Phase/ 60 Hertz.


42" wide X 56" high clear platen, floor mounted single press with two (2) heavy duty tie bar construction, giving the operator unlimited access for ease of part removal and mounting of molds. The following specifications apply:

A. Clamp Tonnage: 120 Tons
B. Maximum Platen Opening: 64"
C. Minimum Platen Opening: 24"
D. Motorized Vertical Height Adjustment: +10"
E. Side to Side Adjustment. +5"
F. Auto Press Gate. (split type)
G. Water manifolds for Mold Cooling. (four zones per plated)
H. Adjustable Pre-close.
I. Closing Speed, up to 1000 in/min.
J. Roll-away press section mounted on V-grooved wheels and track with motorized traverse and hose rack.
K. 3" Bolt pattern over entire platen.
L. Press are power lighting.

The platens and end frames are fabricated from 1020 steel. The end frames are designed to support the two tie bars. The heavy duty platens are clamped and opened by two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders are mounted on one platen with the cylinder actuating rods mounted into the opposite platen. This push/ pull method of opening and closing assures full clamping tonnage.

Included are flexible hydraulic hoses and piping between the press and unitized base.

For operator safety, a mechanical safety bar is provided as well as hydraulic and electrical safety systems to prevent press movement while press gates are open. The entire press area is enclosed with expanded metal to ensure safe operation.


The hydraulic unit has ample size capacity reservoir and is unitized with main base. It is prepiped and prewired for ease of installation, and includes iol level gauge, filler breather and heat exchanger.

Energy efficient G.E. 150 HP, A.C. motor with one double vane and one single vane pump for parison ejection and press operation and G.E. 25 HP, A.C motor and pump for press high pressure clamping. Valves are manifold mounted for ease of maintenance and for prevention of oil leaks. A four station hydraulic. manifold with valves will be provided for auxiliaries. A noise reduction components and shrouding is included.


Includes required regulators, filter and valving for pre-blow, low pressure blow and high pressure blow, controllable through head, a four station pneumatic manifold with valves will be provided for auxiliaries.


Hartig's Model 33A14 Accumulator Head is designed for 33 lb. shot with a first-in, first-out flow configuration providing optimum parison uniformity. The head is provided with movable ring programming. Programming cylinder is controlled by Moog Servo Valve. The unique co-axial hydraulic cylinder provides a rapid parison drop of up to 6 lbs./ second of H.D.P.E. based on die gap.

The tooling size range is 14 in. diameter maximum and 6 in. diameter minimum. One set of finished tooling is provided with each head.

The head is designed for rapid color change, ability to process difficult materials, and air passage for top blow.


Auxiliary hydraulic power unit including A.C. motor, pump, reservoir and filter is supplied for the head programming system.


The control panel is a three-door NEMA enclosure with main power disconnect shock mounted on the unitized base wired 460 volts/3 phase/ 60 hertz. The following components are included:

A. Barber Coleman MACO VI Microprocessor with CRT display and color-coded function keys for the following functions:

     1. Control temperature on all zones, barrel, head adapter, accumulator head, die tip and eight (8) molds.

     The display will show the desired control points such as actual measured valve and high/low alarm set points common to barrel zones. The system provides independent zone temperature control and can be independently tuned.

     2. Machine sequential and manual operation for set-up, semi-automatic for production, twenty-three (23) independent timer functions and eight (8) programmable alarm messages and points.

     3. A card reader/ recorder for automatic machine set-up.

     4. Power supply with 16 hours backup.

     5. Parison programming: weight, length of parison, die gap and shot size will be accomplished by microprocessor. Up to 49 program points are available. The cycle monitor will give the actual point and length position of accumulator shot. Diverging or converging die setup can be readily programmed.

     Parison calibration is accomplished by servo zero set and servo span set point, also shot size by the accumulator zero set point and span point.

     6. A keylock switch allows three levels of security. Monitoring only, setup entry permitted and return of control functions and modifications of machine sequence.

     Microprocessor modular design construction with plug-in P.C. boards allows easy additions or modification to the system and makes the system maintenance easy.

     7. All heater controls on barrel and accumulator head will be by SCR's.

     8. All zones on barrel and accumulator head will have ammeter readout monitoring.

     9. High melt pressure shut-down.

     10. One each extra input and output racks will be provided.


This machine is complete with a bottom blow stand with parison spreader mechanism.


Main base is a unitized construction and serves as a mounting platform for extruder and accumulator head. An access catwalk and stairs are provided for maintenance and set-up of extruder and accumulator head.


Needle blow - included in quote

High and low pressure air blow for head and blow stand - included in quote

Platens closing can be either at beginning or at end of parison ejection - included in quote

Core sequencing ABCD using auxiliary hydraulic system - included in quote

Modulating water cooling valve for main hydraulic system - included in quote

Auto lube system for press utilizing Maco VI for controls

Bottom pneumatic prepinch - included in quote

High torque screw shut-off - included in quote

Temperature control of feedthroat cooling - included in quote

Modulating valve for head programming system cooling water - included in quote

Additional melt thermocouple with readout and melt pressure transducer with readout for use in lower head body.